PG Golden Quotes Widget

A collection of over 5000 inspirational quotes, to which we can reach at any time. Brilliant thoughts, advices and rules of great thinkers, geniuses, leaders, prominent statesmen, entrepreneurs and writers such as Socrates, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, Oscar Wilde, Brian Tracy and many others. Discover the principles of their success and happiness.

  • the application is easy to use;
  • selected quotation is displayed as a widget on the home screen of your device;
  • selected quotation is changed periodically in accordance to user's criteria;
  • visual appearance of widget can be customized;
  • searching and filtering of quotations by the author's name;
  • thematic category search by using the keywords;
  • quote of the day;
  • random selection of quotations;
  • send quotations via SMS or Email;
  • share quotations on Facebook or Twitter; We currently work on other features such as the list of favorite quotes, please check for the updates.


    PG Golden Quotes for Android

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